Hotaling & Co launches Silvio Carta Vermouth for The US

Lance Cameron
By Lance Cameron 2 Min Read

Hotaling & Co. is launching Silvio Carta vermouth in the U.S., a brand known for its rich heritage and five unique vermouth expressions from Sardinia.

  1. Silvio Carta Rosso Vermouth: Made from Vernaccia di Oristano DOC Riserva 2006 and infused with estate-grown helichrysum, myrtle leaves, thyme, and artemisia, Silvio Carta Rosso can be enjoyed on an elevated Manhattan or on the rocks. On the palate, it’s rich and nutty, with hints of honeyed apricot, ripe fruit, and herbs. $39.99 SRP, 18% ABV
  2. Silvio Carta Servito Bianco Vermouth: Another vermouth that can be enjoyed on the rocks, Silvio Carta Servito Bianco is made from Vernaccia Valle del Tirso IGT and infused with rosemary, helichrysum, Desoleana sage, myrtle leaves, thyme, artemisia, and fennel all hand-picked in the Silvio Carta gardens. It offers tasting notes of soft vanilla with a refined, rich, and persistent note of orange peel. $39.99  SRP, 18% ABV
  3. Mazzini by Silvio Carta Rosso Vermouth: Infused with Silvio Carta grown helichrysum, rosemary, myrtle leaves, thyme, and artemisia, Mazzini Rosso is best enjoyed on a Manhattan or a Negroni. It’s sweet and fruity with vegetable notes of mountain herbs, spices, anise, and cinnamon. $29.99 SRP, 16% ABV
  4. Mazzini by Silvio Carta Dry Vermouth: Made to elevate the martini, Mazzini Dry is made from Vermentino and other Sardinian white wines, infused with rosemary, myrtle leaves, lentisk, and artemisia hand-picked from the Silvio Carta estate. On the palate, one can taste soft vanilla, refined, rich, and long, persistent notes of orange peel. $29.99 SRP, 15% ABV
  5. Mazzini by Silvio Carta Bianco Vermouth: Made from Vermentino and other Sardinian white wines, Mazzini Bianco is infused for up to three months with hand-picked botanicals from the Silvio Carta estate, making it the perfect vermouth for bianco negronis. Dominated by vegetable notes of wild herbs together with a delicate balance between fruity white melon and spicy nutmeg. $29.99 SRP, 15% ABV

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